MaxLite statement on Germicidal UV Lighting Products

Due to the recent global effects of the spread of COVID-19, interest in lighting products for sanitation and germicidal use is extremely high. We have received many questions about how MaxLite plans to address the growing interest in this category of products.

At this time, MaxLite does not have lamps, luminaires, or any lighting products that are designed for sanitation or germicidal use. Such products are essentially medical devices and their use and design is quite different from our core competency of products designed for general illumination. We have no plans for development of germicidal lighting products in the near future, but we are constantly reviewing our product offering and could always decide this market may be of interest to us at a later date.

It is also important to note that lighting products and devices that utilize light sources that are designed to combat viruses such as COVID-19 today typically feature Ultraviolet (UV) light with wavelengths in the 200-280nm range. Such wavelengths are called UV-C, and there are potential significant safety concerns when using light sources in this spectrum. Since unintended or prolonged exposure to UV-C light can cause health issues such as eye and skin damage, special care has to be taken in the design and use of products featuring UV-C. Anyone who plans to use products that feature UV-C should be sure the product is Safety Listed, includes proper safety mechanisms, and operated such that it does not cause harm to humans, animals, and plants.

For more info on germicidal lighting and germicidal UV technology, please see the Illumination Engineering Society link here:


Chris Primous

Vice President, OEM Sales and Industry Relations