Case Studies
PA Clinical Research Company
C-Max, TRKs - CR Ready, Universal Downlights
A major clinical research company with offices in the greater Philadelphia, PA region renovated their entire 50,000 square foot office with MaxLite?s control ready fixtures and c-Max network controls.
Northwest Office Building
C-Max, TRKs - CR Ready
An office building located in Oregon state renovated their entire buildings hallways lighting with MaxLite?s fixtures and c-Max network controls.
Edge Lit Flat Panels
MaxLite LED Panels combined dimmability, long lasting life and energy efficiency with high quality shadow-free lighting and excellent color quality
Global Water Resources
Indirect/Direct Pendants, FlatMax Edge Lit Panels
MaxLite pendants really opens up the space and makes the room appear much larger.
Insite Group
Troffer Retrofit Kits, DirectFit T8s, Par Lamps
The new LED is much brighter and whiter than previous lighting, but not as harsh, and just has a better environmental look.
Sage Architects
LED Edge Lit Flat Panels
We were going for a modern minimalist, high-tech look. We needed high quality lighting fixtures that would give good overall general and task lighting with energy efficient LEDs.
ECO-T LED Recessed Troffers
We selected the LED fixtures because of price, but we were more impressed with their light output and brightness.
First Baptist Church
QuadroMAX, Lamp-Ready Fixtures, Direct Lit Panels
QuadroMAX, Wall Packs, Lamp-Ready Fixtures, Direct Lit Panels, T8s, Downlight Retrofits
Hortica Insurance
LED Flat Panels, Downlights, Pars, Floods and T8
LED Flat Panels, Downlights, Pars, Floods and T8s
LED Round Pendant Flat Panels
LED Round Pendant Flat Panels
First United Methodist Church
HighMax CFL Lamps
HighMax CFL Lamps
Church of the Covenant
LED Edge Lit Flat Panels
LED Edge Lit Flat Panels
Holiday Stationstore
LED Recessed Canopy
Lighten Up selected MaxLites LED Recessed Canopy Fixture for the project because of its superior illumination, reasonable price and 10-year warranty.
Market Basket Grocery
LED Parking Canopy
MaxLite Illuminates Market Basket grocery retailers backroom coolers with new LED Lighting Fixtures
Radcliffe Jewelers
LED T8 Linear Lamps
Radcliffe Jewelers replaced 50 35-watt MR11 halogen lamps in the two display cases with just four 20-watt LED Linear T8 Lamps
Ruxton CITGO Service Station
LED Area Lights
The service station turned to Maryland-based Bmore Green to replace the four existing 450-watt metal halide fixtures set atop two poles on both sides of the property with just two of MaxLite?s 100-watt LED Area Lights.
Salon 518
Salon 518, a new construction in Short Hills, New Jersey, chose MaxLite LED BR lamps for general lighting throughout the 2,000-square-foot space, which provides hair styling services to its clients.
Servicio Express Aeropuerto Carret
LED: Floods, Fuel Pump Canopies
We chose the MaxLites canopy and flood light fixtures because of the substantial energy savings they will provide to our customer.
LED Lightbars
Starbucks chose to install 16 of MaxLites six-watt Plug-and-Play LED Lightbars, installed in a complete circuit around the mural beneath a frame.
Habitat Dorchester
LED Acrylic High Bay Pendant
MaxLite LED Acrylic Pendants Help Habitat ReStore Lower Energy Costs
Fallston Fire and Ambulance
LED: Area Lights, Small Floods, Wall Packs
MaxLites products have proven themselves to me time and time again.
Jackson Fire Company
LED: Large Floods, Canopies, Wall Packs, PAR20s
We were looking for fixtures that eliminate light pollution adjacent to our property while reducing maintenance and annoying ballast noise. We looked at other lighting companies and MaxLite had the best solution to fulfill our needs.
Bellevue Hospital Center
LED Edge Lit Flat Panels
MaxLite Delivers Energy Efficient LED Flat Panels in Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan
Englewood Hospital - Executive Offices
LED Edge Lit Flat Panels
New Jersey Hospital CEO Brings New Light to Office with Switch to MaxLites LED Flat Panels
Englewood Hospital - Radiology
LED Edge Lit Flat Panels
MaxLite Delivers Energy Efficient LED Flat Panels in Englewood Hospital in NY Metro Area
Franklin Medical
ArcMax LED Volumetric Panels
SoGoGreen LED Lighting, selected MaxLites ArcMAX LED Volumetric Panels for its efficiency and high-end design.
Santa Rosa Health Center
LED Edge Lit Flat Panels
MaxLite Brightens Up Santa Rosa Health Center Dental Clinic
St. Louis Electrical Contractor
BLHE3 Series Eco High Bay
An electrical contractor located in St. Louis, MO replaced their entire warehouse?s flourescent T8 six lamp high bays with MaxLite?s BLHE3 Eco High Bays equipped with c-Max Network controls.
Peninsula Packaging
BayMAX LED Linear Highbay
After changing to LED lighting in our facility, we immediately began to reap the benefits of zero maintenance of our LED fixtures vs. the high maintenance cost of the metal halide fixtures we had before.
Tree Top Storage Facility
BayMAX LED Linear Highbay
With the new LEDs, the space is brighter. Our customer, Tree Top, is very happy with the new lighting system.
San Francisco Airport
2x2 Direct Lit Flat Panels
The new energy-efficient LED fixtures transformed Terminal 1 of the county-owned airport
Merak Series LED Roadway Street Light
Our customers were very pleased with the parking lots light levels.
Navis Industries
BayMAX LED Round Pendant High Bays
The MaxLite LED Highbay Fixtures have provided increased lighting for our manufacturing space.
Zirkle Fruit Co
HP Series High Bay Pendant
The LED fixtures bring substantially more light to the area, which has made the floor safer, and improved productivity.
Thom Woglom Construction
BLHE Series LED High Bays
Woglom Construction installed 36 of the 90-watt version of the BLHE throughout the facility.
Allentown Parking Authority
LED: Area Lights, Parking Canopy, Wall Packs
LED: Area Lights, Parking Canopy, Wall Packs
Danbury Parking Authority
LED: Low-Profile Canopy
LED: Low-Profile Canopy
Tempe Bridge
LED: Marquee Lamp
LED: Marquee Lamp
Outdoor Equestrian Arena
FieldMax Flood Lights
Yusen Associates worked with the MaxLite Applications department to design a lighting layout using the FieldMax High Output Flood Light, an LED fixture specifically engineered to deliver maintenance-free, high quality lighting for outdoor sports and recreational fields.
Cherry Creek School Pool
StaxMax LED Flood
StaxMax LED Flood
Breckenridge Recreational Center
StaxMax Flood
StaxMax Flood Lights enhance safety and savings at Recreation Center
MetLife Stadium Tent
HighMax CFL Lamps
MetLife Stadium Chooses MaxLite?s HighMax High Output CFLs to light prep tents during The Big Game in NJ
Armada Agricultural Society
Lamp Ready Vapor Tights
Lamp Ready Vapor Tights
Tenino High School
StaxMax Flood
StaxMax Flood
Fond du Lac Baseball
American Fitness
Edge Lit Panels, T8 Lamps
Edge Lit Panels, T8 Lamps
Our Health Club
Edge Lit Panels, Vapor Tights, Downlight Retrofit
Edge Lit Panels, Vapor Tights, Downlight Retrofit, Security Lights, T8 Lamps
YMCA - Edwardsville
Multiple MaxLED Products
Multiple MaxLED Products
University of Wyoming Basketball
StaxMAX LED High Output Floods
StaxMAX LED High Output Floods
YMCA Meyer Center
LED Linear T8 and StaxMax
LED Linear T8 and StaxMax
Illinois Metro Center
LED Parking Canopies
LED Parking Canopies
StaxMAX LED High Output Floods
StaxMAX LED High Output Floods
Twins Promotion
7W LED A Type Lamp
7W LED A Type Lamp
Sheraton LaGuardia East
LED Lamps and Fixtures
MaxLite Products Help Energy Savings Program Take Flight at Airport Hotel
Homewood Suites
LED PL Lamps
In a one-to-one retrofit, the hotel replaced 2,439 18- and 26-watt CFL bulbs with MaxLite 6- and 8-watt LED PL Lamps in a G23 four-pin base and 2700K color temperature.
Embassy Suites
LED Filament Lamps
MaxLite LED Filament Lamps were the perfect solution. The lamps replicate the nostalgic look and warmth of incandescent filament bulbs while providing 90 percent energy savings and a much longer lifetime of 15,000 hours.
NJ Homeowner
LED Small Floods
MaxLite LED Flood Lights Enhance Beauty and Security of NJ Home
Aveda Cosmetology School
Polygon LED Linear Luminaire
The sleek appearance and smooth light output of the MaxLites 8 Polygon Linear Fixture was the perfect solution.
John F. Kennedy Catholic High School
ECO-T LED Recessed Troffers
The new lighting transformed the schools cafeteria and entranceway.
University of Utah
LED: Direct Lit Flat Panels, PAR30s
The light is 75 percent better than before, and the products dim so well.
Benjamin Franklin Library
LED: Edge Lit Flat Panels, Lightbars, Downlight
MaxLites LED task lighting solutions delivered the required lumen output and met other project demands while highlighting the architectural details of the library.
Tenino High School
StaxMax Flood
School District Scores Energy Savings with MaxLite LED Flood Lights
Chatham University
FlatMax Edge Lit Panel
MaxLite LED Panels Illuminate Chatham University Athletic & Fitness Center
Fond du Lac Baseball
The MaxLite fixtures do an excellent job, and you can see just how terrible the metal halide lights looks by comparison.
Early Explorations Child Care Center
LED T8 and LED Commercial Downlights
I chose MaxLite LED products because I had great success with them on previous energy-saving projects.
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School
LED Round Pendant Highbay
With MaxLites 150-watt LED Round Pendant Highbays, we were able to provide the gymnasium with a better quality light while using smaller fixtures that have a longer life.
Cherokee Elementary School
LED Direct Lit Flat Panels
Cherokee Elementary School replaced 69 2x4 fluorescent fixtures with 60 2x2 Direct Lit LED Flat Panels in the four classrooms.
California State University
ECO-T LED Recessed Troffers
Enlighted recommended MaxLites energy-efficient ECO-T LED Recessed Troffers for the university outdoor pedestrian walkway installation.
Gobles Public School
MPulse Area Light
Michigan School Saves Energy with MPulse Fixtures by MaxLite
University of Alabama
LED Lightbars
MaxLites Energy Efficient Plug-and-Play LED Lightbars Brighten University of Alabama Lobbies
Product Microsites