Filament Lamps


LED Filament Lamps replicate the nostalgic look and feel of incandescent filament bulbs while providing significant energy savings over a much longer, 15,000-hour lifetime. Designed for decorative residential, retail and hospitality applications, the line is offered in A19, ST18, T14, G30 and B11 shaped lamps that deliver warm, romantic light in 2200K. The lamps, which received a Special Recognition in the 2015 Lighting for Tomorrow competition, feature linear LED filaments that resemble their incandescent counterparts. All LED Filament Lamps are dimmable with standard incandescent dimmers.

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  • Input Power: 2.5W - 8.5W
  • Dimmable
  • 15,000 hour life
  • Saves more than 90 percent on energy
  • ENERGY STAR Certified models available
  • JA8 Certified models (/JA8) available
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