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Disc Light Product Flyer
Disc Light Product Flyer - 6/26/20
The LED Disc Light?s versatility as a flush mount fixture and surface downlight saves electrical contractors time, labor and space by making it possible to install custom downlighting without a recessed can.
MPulse Family
MPulse Architectural Lighting Solutions
MaxLite presents a new wave in outdoor lighting with MPulse, an award-winning range of architectural outdoor luminaires designed with visual comfort optics and elegant aesthetics
QuadroMAX Plus
Modular Area lighting system
QuadroMAX Plus is an area lighting system with independent LED modules that interlock to create confi gurations from 6,000 to 36,000+ lumens. The head module disconnects from the fixture, allowing quick and easy driver replacement in the field
LED Indirect Troffer
Easy On the Eyes
It?s a phrase that applies to the MaxLite Indirect Troffer in more ways than one. This architecturally designed beauty uses its voluminous, high efficiency reflectors to fill the room with visually comfortable, low-glare, LED illumination.
Intelligent Wireless Lighting Control System
IntelliMax is the simple way to meet building codes and save energy. IntelliMax works seamlessly with MaxLite LED luminaires to deliver scalable energy cost savings for facilities of all sizes.
MaxLite LED LiteBars
MaxLite LED LiteBars offer endless possibilities for designing functional or decorative lighting. Linkable in continuous runs, LiteBars produce beautiful, even light with superior dimming performance. Ultra-compact and simple to mount, the bars can navigate the tightest corners and illuminate the smallest spaces with ease.
LED Linear Strip
LS Series
Architectural, economical and compact, the LS Series LED Strip is the perfect linear lighting solution for commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications.
TriMax LED Vapor Tight
Water. Dust. Corrosion
MaxLites TriMax keeps them all at bay
LED T8 Tubes
BAA Compliant
UL Type A (DirectFit/ballast compatible) UL Type B (Single-ended/ballast bypass)
MaxLite T20-T24-JA8 Solutions
California Compliance
MaxLite is the industry leader in lamps and light sources compliant with California Title 20, and certified for JA8/Title 24 and ENERGY STAR.
Harsh and Hazardous
MaxLite offers a complete range of safe and reliable LED illumination for harsh and hazardous applications, including CID1 spaces.
Universal Commercial Downlight
All-in-one LED Downlighting Solution
Designed with a universal voltage driver and integrated wire whip, the Universal Commercial Downlight eliminates the need for a traditional recessed downlight frame in new construction and retrofit projects.
HP Series LED High Bay Pendant
Well Rounded!
The HP Series LED High Bay Pendant delivers exceptional optical performance in a sleek new design for large-scale commercial and industrial environments. Engineered for maximum durability and reliability, the pendant reduces energy consumption by 60 percent vs. traditional high bays
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