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UL Type A+B Hybrid T8


A safer, more reliable alternative to other dual-mode lamps on the market, the new Hybrid Series UL Type A/B LED T8 Lamp is a universal solution that can be used with a compatible fluorescent ballast (UL-A) or ballast bypass (UL-B). The Hybrid Series features cutting-edge integrated circuit (IC) technology that detects the lamp connection and corresponding operating mode. Each pin at the lamp base is engineered with a thermal fuse that detects overheating and responds by automatically shutting the lamp off. The Hybrid Series is compatible with a robust selection of instant start, programmed start, emergency and dimming ballasts.

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L11T8AB335-CG 3ft 12 25W T8 1600.0 3500 120-277 DLC
L11T8AB340-CG 3ft 12 25W T8 1625.0 4000 120-277 DLC
L11T8AB350-CG 3ft 12 25W T8 1650.0 5000 120-277 DLC
L12T8AB435-CG 4ft 13 32W T8 1800.0 3500 120-277 DLC
L12T8AB440-CG 4ft 13 32W T8 1900.0 4000 120-277 DLC
L12T8AB450-CG 4ft 13 32W T8 1900.0 5000 120-277 DLC
L9T8AB235-CG 2ft 10 17W T8 1350.0 3500 120-277 DLC
L9T8AB240-CG 2ft 10 17W T8 1380.0 4000 120-277 DLC
L9T8AB250-CG 2ft 10 17W T8 1420.0 5000 120-277 DLC
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