PhotonMax 630W Ceramic Metal Halide Fixture


The PhotonMax Dual-Lamp Series, 630W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) solution, delivers superior spectral quality to other HID lamps on the market! Delivering increased greens, UV, and red spectrum, the full spectrum solution allows application versatility not feasible with traditional HID lamps. With a passive cooling design, an added cooling fin's, the PhotonMax solution sports a thin profile, ideal for green house applications. The CMH complete fixture can be used as a primary, or supplemental solution, from vegetative to flowering applications.

Product Listing
  1. 1409956 Datasheet View More 630W3000K
    Lumens (lm):0Watts (W):630CCT (K):3000Voltage (V):120Clearance:No
    Lumens (lm):0Watts (W):630CCT (K):3000Voltage (V):120Clearance:No
    PH-MHF630130 630W3000K
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  2. 14099004 Datasheet View More 630W3000K
    Lumens (lm):0Watts (W):630CCT (K):3000Voltage (V):277Clearance:No
    Lumens (lm):0Watts (W):630CCT (K):3000Voltage (V):277Clearance:No
    PH-MHF630230 630W3000K
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  • Delivers up to 1.75 umol/J
  • 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp(s)
  • 120V and 277V (347V Special Order)
  • Aluminum Ballast
  • High Reflectivity Aluminum Reflector
  • Cooling Fins along ballast for Passive Cooling design
  • Damp or Dry Location
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