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PhotonMax 1000W DE HPS Fixture


The PhotonMax, Double Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Horticulture complete solution, is MaxLite's legacy complete fixture solution. Utilizing Double Ended HPS lamp technology, that delivers the proven and true results that cultivars depend on, with leading in class PPF output. The ultimate solution for commercial Green House's and even indoor facilities. From leafy greens, tomatoes, and even cannabis, these fixtures provide plants with the energy they need for cycles ahead.

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PH-1000HPS-F-DE PH-1000HPS-F-DE 1000 0 2100 25 120-240V
PH-1000HPS2-F-DE PH-1000HPS2-F-DE 1000 0 2100 25
PH-1000HPS3-F-DE PH-1000HPS3-F-DE 1000 0 2100 25
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