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Lensed Retrofit Kits


The LED Lensed Retrofit Kit (LRK) installs into existing troffers without the need to enter the ceiling space, giving facility managers the quickest, most cost effective means of replacing outdated fluorescent lighting systems with the high efficiency and performance of LEDs. With a profile measuring less than three inches in depth, the LRK fits standard 2-by-2 and 2-by-4-foot troffers with ease. In most cases, installation of the LRK takes less than 10 minutes.

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LRK22D3035 3 x 17W T8 2640 3500 80 120-277 DLC
LRK24D4035 3 x 32W T8 40 4060 3500 80 120-277 DLC
LRK24D4041 3 x 32W T8 40 4130 4100 80 120-277 DLC
LRK24D4050 3 x 32W T8 40 4180 5000 80 120-277 DLC
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