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LED Omnidirectional 3-Way A-Lamp


MaxLite's LED 3-way Lamp offers three distinct levels of light to suit any task or mood. For use in standard 3-way fixtures, the LED lamps replicate the beautiful, warm light of an incandescent bulb while consuming 85 percent less energy and lasting 25 times longer.

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14A19/3W27 40/60/100W Inc. 14 1500 2700 120 E26d Energy_Star
14A19/3W30 40/60/100W Inc. 14 1500 3000 120 E26d Energy_Star
14A19/3W50 40/60/100W Inc. 14 1500 5000 120 E26d Energy_Star
15A21/3WLED927 40/60/100W Inc. 15 1500 2700 120 E26d Energy_Star, Title_20
16A21/3WLED27/G2 40/60/100W Inc. 16 1600 2700 120 E26
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