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J-Box Downlights


The J-Box Downlight is the easy and economical way to add high quality recessed lighting to residential and commercial spaces. The downlight is built with an integral junction box that eliminates the need for a traditional recessed housing during installation in new construction and retrofit projects. The fixture simply gets wired to a wall switch and placed into the ceiling - no can, bulb or extra labor required!

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RF408ICAT27WJ RF408ICAT27WJ 60W INC 8 524 2700 90 120 Energy_Star, Title_24, JA8-2016-E
RF408ICAT30W RF408ICAT30W 60W INC 8 651 3000 80 120 Energy_Star
RF408ICAT40W RF408ICAT40W 60W INC 8 651 4000 80 120 Energy_Star
RF610ICAT27WJ RF610ICAT27WJ 65W Inc. 9 624 0 90 120 Energy_Star, Title_24, JA8-2016-E
RF610ICAT30W RF610ICAT30W 65W Inc. 9 843 0 80 120 Energy_Star
RF610ICAT40W RF610ICAT40W 65W Inc. 9 843 0 80 120 Energy_Star
RFR409ICAT30W RFR409ICAT30W 50W Inc. 9 500 3000 80 120-277
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