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ECO-T Recessed Troffer


Designed with the look of a traditional fluorescent fixture, the ECO-T™ LED Recessed Troffer offers a classic recessed troffer housing with LED strips that emulate fluorescent lamps, but operates with the energy saving and long life benefits of LED technology. The ECO-T is a cost-effective alternative to traditional fluorescent fixtures designed for drop ceilings in commercial and institutional applications. The ECO-T comes standard with a dimming driver and prismatic clear diffuser for higher lumens. The fixtures are offered in standard 120- to 277-volt, and 347-volt models for use with Canadian electrical systems.

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MLRT14D33541 MLRT14D33541 70W FL 35 3150 4100 80 347
MLRT22D2350-150 MLRT22D2350-150 70W FL 23 2117 5000 86 120-277
MLRT22D2550 MLRT22D2550 70W FL 25 2245 5000 83 120-277 DLC
MLRT22D3240 MLRT22D3240 3 x 17W T8 32 3440 4000 80 120-277V DLC
MLRT22D3250 MLRT22D3250 3 x 17W T8 32 3500 5000 80 120-277V
MLRT24D4240 MLRT24D4240 3 x 32W T8 42 4520 4000 80 120-277V DLC
MLRT24D4250 MLRT24D4250 3 x 32W T8 42 4540 5000 80 120-277V DLC
MLRT24D6050DP MLRT24D6050DP 60 0 0 0
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