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The LED Desk Lamp adds brightness while taking up minimal space in workspaces. The lamp is designed with an energy saving 7-watt integrated LED bulb that provides soft, even illumination for reading, crafts and other tasks without generating heat. The lamp features a flexible neck that allows light to be easily directed to where it is needed, while an easy-to-reach onoff switch is located on the base. Outstanding lumen maintenance
of 50,000 hours means it would be more than 11 years before the desk lamp would need to be changed (based on 12 operating hours a day)!

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5ADL07830BK 5ADL07830BK 7 400 3000 84 120 Energy_Star
5ADL07830WH 5ADL07830WH 7 400 3000 84 120 Energy_Star
ML7L4USB30BK ML7L4USB30BK 25W Inc. 3.5 220 3000 80 120 Energy_Star, Title_20
ML7L4USB30WH ML7L4USB30WH 25W Inc. 3.5 220 3000 80 120 Energy_Star, Title_20
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