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The MaxLite 8-Outlet Advanced Surge Protector Power Strip (APS) saves energy by shutting off any peripheral devices when the main device is turned off. Simply plug the main device into the "Master" outlet and the peripheral devices into the Energy Saver secondary outlets. When the main device is powered off the APS senses the current drop and shuts off all power to the peripheral devices saving energy.

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  1. 103714 Datasheet Quick View View More 1875W
    Watts (W):1875Voltage (V):120Clearance:No
    Watts (W):1875Voltage (V):120Clearance:No
    APS-8/1350J 1875W
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Utility Rebates
  • Surge protection to 1350 Joules
  • 8 Grounded Receptacles
  • 8 Total AC Outlets, 3 Transformer outlets for larger plugs
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