Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kits


MaxLite's one-piece LED RKT Series Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit is an economical, easy-to-install upgrade to LED lighting in existing recessed troffers, which avoids removal of existing fixtures and associated asbestos abatement (See Installation Video). Available in diverse color temperatures and lumen outputs in standard sizes, the Kit uses thermal dot technology for temperature and warranty control. The lightweight, eight-pound RKT Kit replaces traditional fluorescent troffers in lay-in or T-grid ceilings in a variety of commercial and institutional applications, including offices, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms in schools, municipalities, libraries, airports, healthcare facilities, showrooms, corporate campuses, retailers and hospitality environments.

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    Utility Rebates
    • Durable one-piece galvanized steel housing
    • Easy upgrade and replacement
    • Fits both parabolic and lensed door housings
    • Avoids removal of existing fixture from ceiling cavity
    • Quick- and easy-installation
    • Color uniformity and even light distribution
    • 50,000 hour life
    • Compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers and daylight harvesting systems
    • Linkable
    • Buzz and flicker free
    • Thermal and warranty control
    • Dimmable and non-dimmable models
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