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Marquee Bulb


MaxLite offers 2.5- and two-watt Marquee LED lamps to replace inefficient incandescent and cold-cathode florescent lamps (CCFL) on hotel, casino, resort, and amusement park signage applications.

The 2.5-watt Marquee is ETL wet-listed for outdoor signage, and can switch on instantly to full brightness or be programmed for chasing applications. The two-watt Marquee lamp has the same features and benefits of the 2.5-watt, but is only suitable for indoor applications.

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SKBC2.0CDLED27 SKBC2.0CDLED27 10-15W Inc. 2 75 2700 120 E12
SKBC2.5DLED27 SKBC2.5DLED27 10-15W Inc. 2.5 125 2700 120 E26
SKBF2.5DLED27 SKBF2.5DLED27 10-15W Inc. 2.5 125 2700 120 E26
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