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LS Series LED Strip


The small size of the LS Series makes it an ideal choice for size restricted architectural applications. the LS Series can be the illumination solution in commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications. Fixtures can be used in storage/utility areas, coves, display cases, shops, task and general area lighting.

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LS-4824U-50 LS-4824U-50 1 x 32W T8 24 2557 5000 82 120-277 DLC
LS-4835U-40 LS-4835U-40 2 x 32W T8 36 4620 4000 83 120-277 DLC_Premium
LS-4835U-50 LS-4835U-50 2 x 32W T8 36 4594 5000 83 120-277 DLC_Premium
LS-4846U-40 LS-4846U-40 2 x 32W T8 46 5986 4000 80 120-277 DLC_Premium
LS-4846U-50 LS-4846U-50 2 x 32W T8 46 5986 5000 80 120-277 DLC_Premium
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