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Linear Light Engines - Retrofit Kits


Featuring an integrated metal heat sink and UL rated plastic isolation barrier, these linkable linear LED light sources are simple solutions for luminaires that use linear light sources such as wall sconces, linear bath, ceiling lights, and wall lights. These designs feature quick-connects for wires on each end and can be linked end-to-end to retrofit existing luminaires, or as a component of an integrated new luminaire design. The light sources include integrated dimmable driver-on-board technology and operate directly from 120VAC line voltage, making them a high-performance, cost-effective replacement for incandescent and linear fluorescent light sources in residential and commercial fixtures. Standard 90+ CRI high color rendering LEDs deliver warm, pleasing light with dimming capabilities down to five percent. Cool white color temperatures are also available in certain models.

Retrofit kit designs are UL classified and designed as an easy one-piece solution to easily upgrad

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10LELK5.5B930 800.0 60W INC 3000 120 Title_20
10LELK5.5B930F 700.0 60W INC 3000 120 Title_20
18LELK11.5B930 1350.0 75W INC 3000 120 Title_20
18LELK11.5B930F 1250.0 75W INC 3000 120 Title_20
10LELK5.5B927 800.0 60W INC 2700 120 Title_20
LEL12B0341 450.0 4 4000 24
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