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Flat Panel Retrofit Kit


The Flat Panel Retrofit Kit is the easy and cost-effective solution to upgrade fluorescent troffers to LED. The kit utilizes the existing troffer housing, thereby reducing labor time and expense since installation can be performed from below the ceiling. The kit's edge lit LED light source delivers uniform illumination with minimal glare, and creates a clean aesthetic that is perfect for offices, retail, health care, educational, hospitality and other commercial facilities.

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FPR14EP3035 1x4 30 2x 32WT8 2966.0 3500 120-277 DLC
FPR14EP3040 1x4 30 2x 32WT8 3003.0 4000 120-277 DLC
FPR14EP3050 1x4 30 2x 32WT8 3077.0 5000 120-277 DLC
FPR22EP3035 2x2 30 3x 17WT8 3058.0 3500 120-277 DLC
FPR22EP3040 2x2 30 3x 17WT8 3077.0 4000 120-277 DLC
FPR22EP3050 2x2 30 3x 17WT8 3116.0 5000 120-277 DLC
FPR24EP4035 2x4 40 3x 32WT8 4102.0 3500 120-277 DLC
FPR24EP4040 2x4 40 3x 32WT8 4129.0 4000 120-277 DLC
FPR24EP4050 2x4 40 3x 32WT8 4194.0 5000 120-277 DLC
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