Extended Warranty Coverage
MaxLite provides the opportunity to expand our industry-leading warranty coverage through the purchase of an extended warranty.
What does an Extended Warranty cover?

An extended warranty provides further peace of mind for critical lighting projects by expanding coverage as follows:

Extends the warranty period to 10 years for material or labor coverage on products that have a standard warranty of less than 10 years. Increases labor coverage for products that are registered. The labor allowance is $25 when a product is registered. The extended warranty enables the customer to purchase additional labor coverage beyond $25. Pricing will vary depending on the amount of additional labor coverage desired.
Eligible Product Categories
How do I purchase an extended warranty?
  1. Select products from the list of Eligible Product Categories.
  2. Contact your MaxLite sales or customer service representative and advise that you want to purchase a warranty extension to 10 years and/or additional labor coverage. They will advise the price.
  3. There is a $350 warranty coverage minimum per project, and a single project can have multiple locations. Your MaxLite representative can help you determine whether your project will meet the $350 coverage minimum.
  4. You will need to register the project by filling out a simple one page form. Each site location will need to be registered.
  5. MaxLite’s standard warranty terms and conditions apply, such as operating conditions and hours. Third party components (sensors and batteries) are not included.
Extended Warranty Coverage Flyer
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