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Signage Modules


The LED AlphaMax Series offers a full range of two, three and four LED modules designed for new construction or retrofit of small, medium and large channel letters. Available in white and red, as well as an array of wattages and wire lengths, the modules are easily customized to meet any customer specification. Installation with double-sided VHB 3M tape and an integral pre-tapped fastener hole ensures these modules will stand the test of time. An IP68, ultrasonically welded body also guarantees water resistance in signage applications.

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Image Model #  
OT60W/12V/UNV OT60W/12V/UNV 120-277 60
SM0.7DC2WT65 SM0.7DC2WT65 12 0.72 47.0 6500 80
SM0.7DC3RD SM0.7DC3RD 12 0.72 19.0
SM0.7DC3WT65 SM0.7DC3WT65 12 0.72 70.0 6500 80
SM0.9DC2WT65 SM0.9DC2WT65 12 0.9 58.0 6500 80
SM1.0DC3WT65 SM1.0DC3WT65 12 1.0 93.0 6500 80
SM1.8DC4WT65 SM1.8DC4WT65 12 1.8 116.0 6500 80
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