Low-Profile Canopy


Quick to install and pay for itself, the LED Low-Profile Canopy is an economical retrofit solution for 150-250W HID garage and canopy luminaires. Offered in multiple wattages, with different lens options for parking garage and canopy distributions, the CPL can address a variety of canopy lighting needs. The series is available with an internal motion sensor that can be conveniently controlled with a remote control (sold separately).

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CPL30AUC50B CPL30AUC50B 150W MH 30 2690.0 5000 77 100-277 DLC
CPL30AUP50B CPL30AUP50B 150W MH 30 2865.0 5000 76 100-277 DLC
CPL40AUC50B CPL40AUC50B 175W MH 40 3845.0 5000 77 100-277 DLC
CPL40AUP50B CPL40AUP50B 175W MH 40 4060.0 5000 77 100-277 DLC
CPL58AUC50B CPL58AUC50B 250W MH 58 5100.0 5000 77 100-277 DLC
CPL58AUP50B CPL58AUP50B 250W MH 58 5450.0 5000 77 100-277 DLC
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