Induction Canopy Fixtures


MaxLite's Induction Surface Mount Luminaires combine high power and outstanding light output. Utilizing a fluorescent lighting method that uses a generator to send high frequency waves into the electrodeless lamp to induce the phosphors of the lamp to glow, the Induction Surface Mount Luminaires have an extra-long life of 100,000-hours or more.

Designed for mounting to electrical boxes or directly to surfaces in parking garages, retail and commercial building canopies and covered walkways, the fixtures operate with a self-contained generator and offers a high intensity, high temperature and a UV-resistant PC cover while using a circular-shaped induction light source. Available in a 40- and 80-watt style that replaces 175- and 250-watt metal halide fixtures, the Surface Mount Luminaires are offered in a crisp white daylight 5000K-color temperature, delivering 2800 and 6400 lumens, and are backed by MaxLite's 10-year limited warranty.


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80.0 W
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122 °F
5.10 lbs.
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10 years