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Bullet Flood Lights


LED Bullet Flood Lights provide energy-efficient, directional lighting for landscape, facade and outdoor signage. Sealed to keep out dirt, bugs and moisture, the Bullet is constructed with a precision die-cast aluminum housing and tempered, shatter-resistant glass for durability.

Replacing up to a 150-watt metal halide, the Bullet is offered in crisp daylight of 5000K, as well as a softer 3000K temperature, and available in 4 distributions. The Bullet can be surface mounted directly to electrical boxes or posts and features a locking swivel arm for angle adjustment.

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BF12AUDT30B BF12AUDT30B 50W QH 12 1175.0 3000 72 100-277 DLC
BF12AUDT50B BF12AUDT50B 50W QH 12 1205.0 5000 75 100-277 DLC Premium
BF12AUDW30B BF12AUDW30B 50W QH 12 1200.0 3000 72 100-277 DLC
BF12AUDW50B BF12AUDW50B 50W QH 12 1235.0 5000 75 100-277 DLC Premium
BF30AUDT30B BF30AUDT30B 150W MH 30 3225.0 3000 73 100-277 DLC
BF30AUDT50B BF30AUDT50B 150W MH 30 3290.0 5000 76 100-277 DLC Premium
BF30AUDW30B BF30AUDW30B 150W MH 30 3120.0 3000 73 100-277 DLC
BF30AUDW50B BF30AUDW50B 150W MH 30 3185.0 5000 76 100-277 DLC Premium
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