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ArcMAX Volumetric Panels


Designed as cost-effective replacements for traditional fluorescent troffers, the DesignLights Consortium®-qualified ArcMAX™ Volumetric LED Panels are ideal for installation in T-bar grid or drop-in ceilings. The ArcMAX delivers excellent color rendering and smooth light output from ceiling to floor in offices, schools, hospitals, government buildings, retailers and other commercial settings.

The panels offer a high performance optic system, advanced light distribution and architectural styling that deliver unprecedented value and quality. The fixtures also provide voluminous, upscale looking lighting for the specification community.

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MLVT22D3550 MLVT22D3550 70W FL 35 3425.0 5000 84 120-277
MLVT22D3550/SB MLVT22D3550/SB 70W FL 35 3218.0 5000 85 120-277 DLC
MLVT22D3635/SB MLVT22D3635/SB 3 x 17W T8 36 3784.0 3500 80 120-277 DLC
MLVT22D3640/SB MLVT22D3640/SB 3 x 17W T8 36 3954.0 4000 80 120-277 DLC
MLVT24D4535/SB MLVT24D4535/SB 3 x 32W T8 45 5142.0 3500 80 120-277 DLC
MLVT24D4540/SB MLVT24D4540/SB 3 x 32W T8 45 5343.0 4000 80 120-277 DLC
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