LED Products:

Outdoor LED Fixtures

Wall Packs, Canopy Fixtures, Flood and Area Lights and Security Lights

Indoor LED Fixtures

Flat Panels, High Bays, Downlights, Lightbars, Retrofit Kits, Linear Fixtures and Exit Signs

General Purpose LED Lamps

A19s, PARs, BRs, MR16s, Globes, Decorative and other general purpose LED Lamps

LED Light Engines and Modules

Round AC LED Light Engines, Socket Source Light Engines and Linear LED Strips

Specialty LED Lamps

LED High/Low Bay, Refrigerator, Post top and other Specialty LED lamps

CFL Products:

Standard Screw Base CFL Lamps

Bare Spiral, Covered and 3-way CFL lamps

Specialty Base CFL Lamps

Pin Base and GU24-Base CFL lamps

Outdoor GU24 Base Fixtures

Outdoor fixtures with a GU24-base

Indoor GU24 Base Fixtures

Ceiling and Wall Fixtures and Table and Floor Lamps with a GU24-base

High Output CFL Products:

Outdoor High Output CFL Fixtures

Wall Mounted, Garage and Area Light Fixtures for use with High Output CFL Bulbs

Indoor HighMax High Output CFL Fixtures

Highbay and Temporary Work Light Fixtures for use with HighMax High Output CFL Bulbs

HighMax High Output CFL Lamps

40- to 200-watt High Output CFL Lamps for new construction or retrofit applications

Linear Fluorescent Products:

Linear Fluorescent Fixtures

T5 and T8 linear fluorescent fixtures

Linear Fluorescent Lamps

T5 and T8 linear fluorescent lamps

Linear Fluorescent Ballasts

Linear Fluorescent Ballasts for industrial and commercial applications

Lighting Poles:

Outdoor Poles

MaxLite offers round and square steel poles for use with our full line of LED outdoor luminaires