WarrantyMax™ Program

MaxLite offers a 10-year limited warranty on most LED indoor and outdoor fixtures – labor allowance included!

Category Description Years
Lamps & Tubes
Value Series Lamps (Types A, PAR, & BR) 1
Decorative Lamps (Candelabra & Filament Lamp) 3
All other screw base & GU base lamps 5
2' to 8' LED tubes 5
Residential Applications
Residential Downlights 1
Retrofit Kits (Residential Downlight & Flush Mount) 3
Sconces & Flush Mount Residential Fixtures 5
Vanity Bars & Lanterns 5
Desk Lamps and Torchieres 5
Commercial & Industrial Applications
Light Bars 1
Shop Lights 3
Harsh & Hazardous 5
Horticulture 5
GuardMAX Security 5
Vaporproof Jelly Jars 5
Barn Lights 5
Polygon LSP Series LowBay/Parking Garage Fixtures 5
Universal Commercial Downlight 5
MPulse and QuadroMAX fixtures 5
Area and Flood Lights (AR, FL, FLS, FML, FMM, FMS, FMX, & BF Series) 10
WallMAX Wallpacks 10
Canopy and LowBay/Parking Garage Fixtures (CPL Series) 10
Bollards 10
Panels & Troffers 10
Downlights (non-J-box mounted) 10
Retrofit Kits (TRK, LRK, RS) 10
High Bays 10
Linear Fixtures (VT, LF, LS, LSU, LSUECO, LSV, & LSVECO) 10
Pendants (Commercial Round & Direct/Indirect) 10
Mounting Accessories 1
Poles 3
Exit & Emergency Lighting 5
Motion and/Or Daylight Sensors 5
LED Sign Modules 5
Magnetic Ballast 5
Non-LED Lamps 5
  1. For any product not listed above, contact MaxLite for warranty information.
  2. Any products marked as Clearance shall carry the lesser of a 5 Year warranty, or the warranty period stated on the product data sheet.
  3. All 10 Year warranties are based on a maximum 16 hrs/day operation, and ambient temperature of -29°F to 104°F (outdoor) and -4°F to 77°F (indoor), and include up to a $25 labor allowance per item.
  4. Extended warranty coverage may be purchased for products with a 5-year warranty, those with operating hours that exceed 16 hrs/day, or that will operate in temperatures exceeding the range covered under the Standard Warranty, but fall within the minimum/maximum range listed for the product. Extended coverage must be added within 90 days of original purchase. All warranties are in effect only if the products are installed for and used in an application for which it is rated, per the applicable product data sheet.
  5. Warranty start date is the earlier of the actual installation date, or 90 after the original purchase (whichever comes first).
  6. It is not a requirement to register the warranty to receive product replacement warranty coverage; however, you must register the warranty if you want to be eligible to receive the labor allowance associated with the 10 Year Warranty.
  7. Accessories and EM/BBU excluded. Motion sensor (MS) and Photocontrol (PC) components follow supplier’s warranty.
  8. See complete Warranty Terms and Conditions for additional details.
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