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WallMax Thin Cut Off Wall Packs


WallMax ™ Thin Cut Off Wall Packs are constructed with pivoting heads that aim light precisely while minimizing glare and backlight. These durable, energy-saving fixtures are perfect for lighting outdoor walkways, landscapes, parking areas and perimeters. Efficacy for the series reaches up to 131 lm/W, translating to 75 percent energy savings over HID luminaires. The fixtures include a variable voltage photocell that provides further energy savings.

Available in small (20W, 29W) and large (70W) outputs, LED Wall Packs are designed with sleek, heat-sinking fins that extend the L70 lifetime of the fixtures to an exceptional 100,000 hours at TM-21 standards.

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WP-ADL50U-40B 250W MH 50 5799.0 4000 85 DLC
WP-ADL50U-50B 250W MH 50 5799.0 5000 82 DLC
WP-ADL70U-40B 250W MH 70 7790.0 4000 80 DLC
WP-ADL70U-50B 250W MH 70 8200.0 5000 80 DLC
WP-ADL70U-50BC1 250W MH 70 8200.0 5000 80 DLC
WP-ADS15U-50B 100W MH 15 1575.0 5000 80 DLC
WP-ADS20U-50B 150W MH 20 2100.0 5000 80 120-277 DLC
WP-ADS29U-50B 175W MH 29 3000.0 5000 80 120-277 DLC
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