QuadroMAX Plus Modular Lighting Fixtures


QuadroMAX Plus is a modular area lighting fixture capable of replacing traditional metal halide solutions from 150W to 750W. Up to six LED modules can be interlocked to create lumen packages from 5,600 to 39,500. QuadroMAX Plus is a premium area lighting fixture with LED modules that interlock to create configurations from 50W to 300W, reaching 39,500+ lumens. Independent modules and drivers enable quick and efficient product maintenance and customization in the field!

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  1. 1408842 Datasheet Quick View View More 317W5000K
    Lumens (lm):39505Watts (W):317Equivalency:750W PSMHCCT (K):5000Voltage (V):347-480Clearance:No
    Lumens (lm):39505Watts (W):317Equivalency:750W PSMHCCT (K):5000Voltage (V):347-480Clearance:No
    QMP-300HT5-50B 317W5000K
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QuadroMAX Plus Modular Lighting Fixtures Lighting Layout
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