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PhotonMax LED Spot Light


The MaxLite, LED SPOT LIGHT delivers powerful lighting, in a sleek form factor ideal for supplemental and sole source applications. The lighting solution offers an extraordinary blend of performance, high output and photon efficacy. With 4 spectra combinations to choose from, our tailored spectra can meet all your various application needs. A slim form factor and light weight design offersease of installation for large scale use with multiple mounting options.

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PH-GH360HBPRF-WC0 353.4 347-480V DLC
PH-GH360HBPRX-WC0 362 347-480V DLC
PH-GH360HBXRF-WC0 333 347-480V DLC
PH-GH360HFSRF-WC0 350 347-480V DLC
PH-GH360UBPRF-WC0 362.1 120-277V DLC
PH-GH360UBPRX-WC0 369.8 120-277V DLC
PH-GH360UBPRX-WC1 369 120-277 DLC
PH-GH360UBXRF-WC0 340.5 120-277V DLC
PH-GH360UFSRF-WC0 362.3 120-277V DLC
PH-GH600HBPRF-WC0 564.4 347-480V DLC
PH-GH600HBPRX-WC0 559.9 347-480V DLC
PH-GH600HBXRF-WC0 539.6 347-480V DLC
PH-GH600HFSRF-WC0 586.2 347-480V DLC
PH-GH600UBPRF-WC0 582.9 120-277V DLC
PH-GH600UBPRX-WC0 578.3 120-277V DLC
PH-GH600UBXRF-WC0 545.8 120-277V DLC
PH-GH600UFSRF-WC0 591.4 120-277V DLC
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