PhotonMax Horticulture LED Spot Light


The MaxLite, Horticulture LED SPOT LIGHT delivers powerful lighting, in a sleek form factor ideal for supplemental and sole source applications. The lighting solution offers an extraordinary blend of performance, high output and photon efficacy. With 4 spectra combinations to choose from, our tailored spectra can meet all your various application needs. A slim form factor and light weight design offersease of installation for large scale use with multiple mounting options.

Product Listing
MaxLite PhotonMax Spotlight

High Performance

  • High light output, PPF up to 1,358 µmol/s
  • High efficiency up to 2.3 µmol/J
  • 4 spectrum distributions to chose from
Product List
BPRX-Broad Par with Heavy 660NM

MaxLite’s most comprehensive spectrum, a full spectrum solution with a beautiful color at 4200K, offers cultivators the ability to target the most effective portions of the PAR (400-500) and (600-700) driving photosynthesis with a clean white light. The BPRX spectrum is the best of both worlds with a PAR focused spectrum that alleviates the need for additional lighting for general plant care and crop maintenance

PhotonMax Spotlight - BPRX Spectrum
BXRF-Blue 450nm with Heavy Red 660nm and Far Red 730nm

Our most photosynthetically efficient spectrum that focuses on driving photosynthesis at a very high level. Offering a focused spectrum in the red (600-700NM) and blue (400-500) regions. Also including far red (700-750) for its ability to drive certain photomorphogenic responses.

PhotonMax Spotlight - BXRF Spectrum
FSRF-Full Spectrum with Heavy Red 660nm and far red 730nm

MaxLite’s full spectrum solution for those looking for a photosynthetically efficient focused spectrum, while at the same time FSRF’s spectrum allows growers to adequately asses their crops visually. Including far red, for those looking for the benefits in the (700-750) range for driving certain photomorphogenic responses. Offering a balanced spectrum from 400-730 NM for driving crop growth. This spectrum can be used as sole source and as supplemental lighting in a greenhouse.

PhotonMax Spotlight - FSRF Spectrum
BPRF-Broad Par with Heavy 660nm and Far Red 730nm

A comprehensive spectrum solution, similar to the MaxLite BPRX spectrum with 730nm included. Allows users to take advantage of far red, for driving certain photomorphogenic responses in various plant species while providing all of the same benefits of our BPRX spectrum.

PhotonMax Spotlight - BPRF Spectrum
MaxLite Makes it!

Don't see what you need? Additional wattages and specifications available upon request - contact your MaxLite rep!

    Utility Rebates
    • Available in 360W and 600W delivering up to 2.3µmol/J
    • Autosensing 120-277V or 347-480V with 0-10V dimming standard.
    • Photon Flux Maintenance Q90 >42000 hours at 40°C (104°F) per IESNA TM-21.
    • TGIC polyester powder coat
    • Die Cast Aluminum housing
    • Tempered Glass Lens silicone seal protected.
    • Active thermal management via two cooling fans
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