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Linear LED Light Engines


The Linear LED Light Engines are a simple-to-integrate solution for light fixtures that use linear light sources such as wall sconces, linear bath, ceiling lights, and wall lights. These engines feature an integrated LED driver and operate directly from 120VAC line voltage, making them a high-performance, cost-effective replacement for incandescent and linear fluorescent light sources in residential and commercial fixtures. These engines come standard with 90+ CRI high color rendering LEDs and deliver warm, pleasing light with dimming capabilities down to five percent.

MaxLite recommends these engines are connected to a metal heat sink in order to maintain recommended temperature limits. For guidance with thermal management, please consult MaxLite Engineering.

Note: These engines are only designed for use in the manufacturing of new fixtures. These are NOT designed to be retrofit solutions that can be installed in the field.

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LEL11.5A0830C LEL11.5A0830C 690 3000 90
LEL11.5IB LEL11.5IB 0 0 0
LEL23A1630C LEL23A1630C 16 1500 3000 90
LEL23IB LEL23IB 0 0 0
LEL5.5A0530C LEL5.5A0530C 380 3000 90
LEL5.5IB LEL5.5IB 0 0 0
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