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LED Linear T8 - External Driver


MaxLite LED T8 tubes with External Driver are the ideal energy saving choices when upgrading traditional linear T8 fluorescent lamps in fixtures containing standard G13 (medium bi-pin) sockets.

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Image Model #  
DDR2L13 DDR2L13 120-277V
DDR2L18 DDR2L18 120-277V
DDR4L13 DDR4L13 120-277V
DDR4L18 DDR4L18 120-277V
DR1L DR1L 120-277V
DR2L DR2L 120-277V
DR3L DR3L 120-277V
DR4L DR4L 120-277V
L13T8EX435 L13T8EX435 32W Fluorescent 13 1650 3500 120-277V G13 DLC
L13T8EX440 L13T8EX440 32W Fluorescent 13 1700 4000 120-277V G13 DLC
L13T8EX450 L13T8EX450 32W Fluorescent 13 1800 5000 120-277V G13 DLC
L18T8EX435 L18T8EX435 32W Fluorescent 18 2225 3500 120-277V G13 DLC
L18T8EX440 L18T8EX440 32W Fluorescent 18 2250 4000 120-277V G13 DLC
L18T8EX450 L18T8EX450 32W Fluorescent 18 2300 5000 120-277V G13 DLC
L19T8EX435 L19T8EX435 32W Fluorescent 19 2350 3500 120-277V G13 DLC
L19T8EX440 L19T8EX440 32W Fluorescent 19 2350 4000 120-277 G13 DLC
L19T8EX450 L19T8EX450 32W Fluorescent 19 2350 5000 120-277 G13 DLC
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