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LED Linear T5 - DirectFit


DirectFit LED T5 lamps are quick, easy and safe to install into existing linear fluorescent fixtures without any extra effort or re-wiring. Designed to deliver over 3100 lumens, the lamps utilize the existing T5HO electronic ballasts, minimizing maintenance and labor costs for facility managers. Tested to NSF Standards, these lamps carry the ETL Sanitation Mark and are suitable for use in food processing environments.

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L25T5DF435-CG4 L25T5DF435-CG4 54W T5HO 25 3200 3500 120-277V G5 DLC
L25T5DF435-CG5 L25T5DF435-CG5 54W T5HO 25 3200 3500 Ballast Dependent G5 DLC
L25T5DF435-G L25T5DF435-G 54W T5HO 25 3000 3500 120-277 G5
L25T5DF440-CG4 L25T5DF440-CG4 54W T5HO 25 3200 4000 120-277V G5 DLC
L25T5DF440-CG5 L25T5DF440-CG5 54W T5HO 25 3200 4000 Ballast Dependent G5 DLC
L25T5DF440-G L25T5DF440-G 54W T5HO 25 3200 4000 120-277 G5
L25T5DF450-CG4 L25T5DF450-CG4 54W T5HO 25 3200 5000 120-277V G5 DLC
L25T5DF450-CG5 L25T5DF450-CG5 54W T5HO 25 3200 5000 Ballast Dependent G5 DLC
L25T5DF450-G L25T5DF450-G 54W T5HO 25 3200 5000 120-277 G5
L27T5DF435-CG L27T5DF435-CG 54W T5HO 27 3100 3500 120-277 G5
L27T5DF440-CG L27T5DF440-CG 54W T5HO 27 3200 4000 120-277 G5
L27T5DF450-CG L27T5DF450-CG 54W T5HO 27 3400 5000 120-277 G5
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