QuadroMAX Plus Modular Lighting Fixtures
QuadroMAX Plus

MPulse Architectural Outdoor Fixtures
MPulse Area Lights
MPulse Wall Mount
MPulse Canopy Fixture

QuadroMAX Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
QuadroMAX Lighting Fixtures

Area Luminaires
MPulse Area Light
QuadroMAX Plus Area Light
QuadroMax Area Lights
High Output Area Light
LED Barn Light
Slim Area Lights
Slim Area Lights G2

Wall Luminaires
QuadroMAX Plus Wall Pack
QuadroMax Wall Packs
Wall Pack Wire Guards
WallMax WP-OP Series
Adjustable Wall Packs
WallMax Precision Wall Pack
MPulse Wall Mount Fixture

Flood Luminaires
QuadroMAX Plus Flood Lights
QuadroMax Floods
Small Floods
Small Floods Gen 2
Slim Area Light - Flood
Slim Area Light G2 - Flood
Architectural Floods
Bullet Floods
StaxMAX High Output Floods
ModMax High Output Floods

Canopy and Parking Garage Luminaires
Low-Profile Canopy
Parking Polygon Linear Fixture
Parking Vapor Tight Fixture
MPulse Canopy

Security Luminaires
Enclosed-Sealed Jelly Jar
Vaporproof Jelly Jar
Vaporproof Jelly Jar Gen2
12W Traditional Security Light

Round Classic Bollard

Poles and Mounting Accessories

Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures
TriMax Vapor Tight
Vapor Tight Linear
Vapor Tight Linear ECO
Vapor Tight Linear Gen 3

8" Traditional Lantern
Coach Lantern
Medium Lanterns
Ranch Lantern
Small Lantern - JA8 Box
Small Lanterns
Small Lanterns Gen 2


Panels and Troffers
ArcMAX Volumetric Panels - SB
Direct Lit Flat Panels
ECO-T 2x2 Recessed Troffer
ECO-T Recessed Troffer Gen 2
Micro-T 1x4 and 2x4 Panels
Lensed Retrofit Kit
Lensed Retrofit Kit - Gen2
Edge Lit Flat Panel 347V
Edge Lit Flat Panel DLC Prem.
Edge Lit Flat Panel DLC Stand.
Edge Lit Flat Panel Low Watt.

Retrofit Kits
TRK Series
Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kits
Flush Mount Retrofit Gen2

High Bays
HP Series High Bay Pendant
BayMAX Round High Bays
BayMAX Round High Bays Gen 2
StaxMAX High Bays
HL Series - High Bays
HL Series - High Bays - Gen 2
2 Foot Economical High Bays
4 Foot Economical High Bays

J-Box Downlights
4" Hi CRI Downlight Retrofits
4"/6" RR-U Series
4"/6" RRx-L7 Series
6" Adj. Recess Downlight Retro
4" Comm. Downlight Retrofits
6" Comm. Downlight Retrofits
8" Comm. Downlight Retrofits
9" Comm. Downlight Retrofits
Universal Downlight
RRC 10W Light Engine
RRC 15W Light Engine
RRC 20W Light Engine
6" EcoSeries Comm Down Retro
8" EcoSeries Comm Down Retro
EcoSeries Comm Down Retro 2
LED Faux Cans

Linear Fixtures
L-Form Linear Luminaire
L-Form Linear Luminaire G2
LS Series 35W/46W
LS Series LED Strip
24W RS Series - Retrofit Strip
RS Series - Retrofit Strip
LSECO Series Linear Strip
Polygon Linear Fixture
Polygon Linear Garage Fixt
LED Shop Light Gen2
TriMax Linear Luminaire
Utility Wraps
Utility Wraps - ECO Series
Utility Wraps - Gen 3
Vapor Tight Fixture
Vapor Tight Fixture Gen 4
Vapor Tight Fixtures ECO

Connection Accessories
Plug-and-Play Lightbars
Plug-and-Play Lightbars G3
Low Voltage Light Bars

Round Pendant
Direct/Indirect Pendant

Indoor Multi-Unit Residential Lighting Fixtures
Flush Mount - JA8
Flush Mounts
Flush Mounts 2
Arch. Vanity Bar - LED
Tulip Vanity Bar - LED
Tulip Vanity Bar-Bulb in Box
Desk Lamp
Wall Sconces
Wall Sconces - ML9 Series
Wall Sconces JA8

Track Lighting
Track Lighting

T8 Lamp Ready Fixtures
Lamp Ready Highbay
Lamp Ready Utility Strips
Lamp Ready Utility Wraps
Lamp Ready Vapor Tights


A Lamps
High CRI Dimmable A-Lamp
Enclosed Rated A-Lamps Gen6
Enclosed Rated A-Lamps JA8
3-Way A-Lamp
High CRI 3-Way A-Lamp
Dusk to Dawn A19
Non-Dimmable Omni A-Lamp

BAA Compliant Linear T8
BAA Compliant T8 (UL Type-A)
BAA Compliant T8 (UL Type-B)

Linear T8, T5 & U-Bend
Linear T8 CG Series DirectFit
Linear T8 G Series DirectFit
Linear T8 GA Series DirectFit
Linear T8 Plastic DirectFit
Linear T8 CG-Series Int. Driv.
Linear T8 G-Series Int. Driv.
LinearT8 HEG-Series Int. Driv.
Linear T8 - Double Ended Power
Linear T8 EX Series Ext. Driv.
13W U-Bend T8 - DirectFit
16W U-Bend T8 - DirectFit
15.5W U-Bend T8 - Int Driver
Linear T5 CG Series - 27W
Linear T5 CG4 Series - 25W
Linear T5 G Series - 25W
Linear T5 UL Type-B Int. Driv.

PAR Lamps
PAR20, 30, 38 GEN2
PAR20, 30, 38 GEN3
PAR20, 30, 38 GEN4
15W Wet-Listed LED PARs
17W Wet-Listed LED PARs

MR16 Lamps GU10
MR16 Lamps GU5.3

14W G40 Globe
5W G16.5 Globe
G25 Globe - JA8
G25 Globe Gen 2

Decorative Bulbs
Marquee Bulbs
Candelabra Bulb

Puck Lamp
LED Puck Lamp

LED Area Lamp
100W Area Lamp
40W Area Lamp

LED Cooler and Freezer Lamps
LED Cooler and Freezer Lamps
LED Refrigerator Lamps

LED Post Top Lamps
12W Post Top Retrofit
20W Post Top Retrofit
30-50W Post Top Retrofits

Filament Lamps
7W A19 Glass Filament Lamp G2
LED Filament Lamps
LED Glass Filament Lamps
LED Glass Filament Lamps G2

JA8 Title 24 Lamps
BR30 JA8 - Gen 4
Enclosed 12w A19 JA8
Enclosed 6w A19 JA8
Enclosed Rated A21 JA8
Filament A19 JA8
Filament Candle JA8
G25 Globe JA8
MR16 JA8
Open Rated A19 JA8
Open Rated A21 JA8
Open-Closed A19 JA8 - Gen 2

BR Lamps
BR20, 30, 40 GEN2
BR20, 30, 40 GEN3
BR30 Sunset Series

Miniature Lamps
12V Miniature Lamps
G9 Retrofit Lamps
G9 Retrofit Lamps Gen2

PL Retrofit Lamps
PL Retrofit Lamp - DirectFit
PL Retrofit Lamps - Bypass


Intellimax Wireless Lighting Control System
Gateway Hub
Motion Sensor
Relay Node - 20 Amp
Relay Node - 5 Amp
Wall Switch

Analog Sensors - Stand-Alone

Engines and Modules

LED Light Engines
2.2 Round Light Engine
5W and 7W Round Engine
Linear Light Engines
Socket Source Light Engine
Socket Source Light Engine G2

Linear LED Modules
LED Linear Module

Harsh and Hazardous

Class I Division 1
Flood Light CID1

Class I Division 2
Flood Light CID2
High Output Flood CID2
Highbay CID2
Linear CID2
Low Bay CID2


HPS Solutions
HPS Fixture 1000W
HPS Lamp 1000W

CMH Solutions
CMH Fixture 315W
CMH Fixture 630W
CMH Lamp 315W

LED Solutions
Horticulture T8 Lamp


Signage Modules
Signage Modules Gen2
Double Sided T8


Spiral CFLs
DimMax Spirals
MicroMax Spirals
3-Way Spirals
GU24 SpiraMax Spirals
T2 Spirals
SpiraMax Spirals

Covered CFLs
CFL MiniGlobes
CFL Mini Bulbs
CFL MiniCandle
CFL PARs and Rs

HighMax High Output CFLs
HighMax High Output CFL Bulbs

Linear Fluorescent
XL Series Super and Premium T8
T5 Linear Fluorescent Bulbs
T5 Vapor Tight Fixture
T8 Vapor Tight Fixture
(ML) T8 and T5 Highbays
(SK) T8 and T5 Highbays

GU24 Indoor Lamps and Fixtures
Ceiling and Wall Fixtures
Desk Lamps
Table and Floor Lamps