Title 24 is complex; MaxLite makes it simple.

California’s Title 24 is ongoing legislation that aims to reduce energy consumption in the state through the regulation of construction and building standards.

MaxLite offers a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential lighting products that can be configured with accessories to comply with the latest Title 24 standards.

More Information about Title 24:
California Energy Commission Website
What’s new for Title 24 in 2017?
(Title 24 2016 becomes effective in 2017)

Title 24 2016 frequently asked questions (short answers):
How does Title 24 (T24) differ from Title 20 (T20)?
(T24 is a building code, T20 is an appliance code, applicable to products sold at retail)

Q: When is the new version of T24 (Title 24 2016) effective?
(Jan. 1, 2017)

Q: Does T24 apply to all fixtures?
(Only applicable for luminaires installed in new construction where building permits are needed) Note too that remodels may also be affected if a building inspector is required. T24 is enforced by the local building inspectors)

Q: What are the major changes in T24 2016?
(For residential: only “high efficacy” luminaires are allowed, lamps must be included at time of inspection, most sources must be JA8 compliant and labeled/registered as such. Non-residential requirements did not undergo significant changes for T24 2016)

Q: Is there a such thing as TITLE 24 COMPLIANT luminaire?
(No. Since T24 is a building code, there is not really such a thing a T24 compliant luminaire. However, a luminaire may be designed to help an installer meet the high efficacy requirements of T24 2016)

Q: What is the definition of a “High Efficacy” luminaire for T24 2016?
(Unless the luminaire is exempted per Table 150-A*, the luminaire must include light sources that are JA8-compliant. Such light sources are required to meet the JA8 requirements as outlined by the state which include minimum 90CRI+R9>50, low flicker rate of less than 30%, 0.9PF, special markings, and other requirements)

Q: What luminaires are exempted from JA8 requirements? Which luminaires automatically are classified as “High Efficacy?”
*From Table 150.0-A in the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (T24 2016): Luminaires installed with light sources in this column other than those installed in ceiling recessed downlight luminaires are classified as high efficacy and are NOT required to comply with Reference Joint Appendix JA8:

1. Pin-based linear or compact fluorescent light sources using electronic ballasts.
2. Pulse-start metal halide
3. High pressure sodium.
4. GU-24 sockets containing light source other than LEDs (Such as compact fluorescents and induction lamps. Note incandescent sources with GU24 base are not allowed in California).
5. Luminaires with hardwired high frequency generator and induction lamp.
6. Inseparable SSL luminaires installed outdoors.
7. Inseparable SSL luminaries containing colored light sources that are installed to provide decorative lighting.

Q: What luminaires are required to use JA8 certified light sources to meet High Efficacy requirements?
*From Table 150.0-A in the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (T24 2016):
Luminaires must be installed with light sources in this column that shall be certified to the Commission as High Efficacy Light Sources in accordance with Reference Joint Appendix JA8 and be marked as meeting JA8:

8. All light sources in ceiling recessed downlight luminaires. Note that ceiling recessed downlight luminaires shall not have screw bases regardless of lamp type as described in section 150.0(k)1C.
9. GU-24 sockets containing LED light sources.
10. Any light source otherwise listed in this table and certified to the commission as complying with Joint Appendix 8.

Q: What is JA8?
(Joint Appendix, section 8. It is the section in the 2016 Reference Appendices for the 2016 California building energy efficiency standards (T24 2016) that describes the residential lighting requirements. These specifications are required by the state of California for many light sources used in luminaires that intend to be used to satisfy high efficacy requirements of the Title 24 2016 building code)

See section JA8 here:

Q: What is JA10?
(JA10 is the special section of the joint appendices that outlines the Flicker test setup for JA8 light sources.)

See section JA10 here:

Q: Are special markings required on the fixture, light sources, or packaging?
(Most light sources must be marked: “JA8-2016” or “JA8-2016-E” for products tested at elevated temps for enclosed or recessed environments)

Q: Do my fixtures have to be registered on the CEC database?
Luminaires with integral LED sources must be registered on the CEC database. Luminaires that have changeable lamps must be installed with lamps that are JA8-compliant and these lamps must be registered on the CEC database.

Q: Are there special requirements for downlights in Title 24 2016?
(Yes. Downlights must include JA8-compliant lamps, can NOT contain scree based lamps, can NOT use light sources that are labeled “not for use in enclosed or recessed fixtures.”)

Q: Are products available now that are already JA8 compliant?
Yes. Search online for JA-compliant products that are currently registered here:

Q: Where can I find all of the requirements for T24 2016, including the joint appendices (JA8)?
(On the California Energy Commission’s website: http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/2016standards/index.html)

(Note the most pertinent information pertaining to residential lighting are in Section 150.0 and in Joint Appendices 8)

Q: Does residential outdoor lighting need to meet the new JA8 requirements including high CRI? Controls, photocells needed?
(If the residential outdoor fixture is an ”Inseparable SSL Luminaire,” meaning it includes an integral LED light engine, Table 150.0-A* shows it is exempted from the JA8 light source requirements that include the need for high CRI. However, it still will need to be controlled by a photocell/motion sensor, photocell/time switch, time clock, or special emergency management control system)

Q: What is the enforcement procedure for T24?
(Buildings will not receive permits if the products installed are not compliant. Inspectors are instructed to visually inspect and confirm luminaires are high efficacy. Inspectors will be looking for products that use exempted technology, or products marked with JA8-2016/JA8-2016-E)

Q: Do I have to include lamps in the box with the luminaire?
(No. Lamps that meet applicable requirements must be in the fixture at the time of inspection, but do NOT have to be included in the package.)
(Note that one of the new requirements is that a Lighting Schedule must be delivered to the homeowner after final inspection. The schedule should show all interior luminaires and lamps installed.)