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MaxLite's standard WallMax™ LED Wall Packs with new optics increase light output and efficacy to reduce shadows and create safe, brightly-lit outdoor environments in parking garages and entrances, public areas, schools, hospitals, hotels and outdoor walkways nationwide. These 30-, 40- and 60-watt LED fixtures are energy-efficient replacements for 150-, 175- and 250-watt metal halide fixtures, and are rebatable and save energy, lower maintenance costs, and prevent light pollution. DesignLights Consortium®-qualified models are available.


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Uniform color consistency

Engineered with proprietary binned LM-80-rated LEDs chips, which provide uniform color consistency

Multiple mounting options

Multiple knockouts for mounting convenience, and can mount to recessed outlet boxes or directly to surfaces

Save $2,036.70 in energy savings over the 50,000 hour lifetime of the fixture.

If a 250-watt metal halide fixture operating 12 hours a day was replaced with a 60-watt LED WallMax Wall Pack operating in the same conditions, electricity costs would be reduced 78 percent, from $228.64/year to $50.22/year, for a total of $2,036.70 in energy savings over the 50,000 hour lifetime of the fixture.

Internal aluminum heat sink

Temperature control aluminum heat sink dissipates heat and ensures thermal management created by LEDs and extended life

50,000 hour life

Life is more than 17 years operating 8 hours a day, based on L70 standards

High-quality shatter-resistant borosilicate lens

Constructed with borosilicate shatter-resistant glass

Durable housing

Constructed of one-piece rust and corrosion proof heavy-duty cast aluminum housing that is polyester powder coated for long durability and sealed to be free of dirt and insects

Universal voltage

Operate on universal voltage system with self contained driver meets UL 1310 UL 48 Class2

Environmentally friendly

Constructed without mercury and operates without emitting IR or UV radiation

Building control compatible

Dusk-to-dawn and occupancy sensor compatible additional energy savings and reduced utility costs