Wall Sconces


Available in two lumen outputs, decorative sconces provide general purpose and accent lighting that enhances the ambience and safety of hallways and seating areas. Brushed nickel trim and art glass lens create a clean, fresh appearance that complements any decor.

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ML9E101CCBZ27 ML9E101CCBZ27 80W Inc. 800.0 2700 90 120 Energy Star
ML9E101CCNI27 ML9E101CCNI27 80W Inc. 0.0 2700 90 120 Energy Star
ML9E101CCWH27 ML9E101CCWH27 80W Inc. 800.0 2700 90 120 Energy Star
ML9LA17LCNBNI927 ML9LA17LCNBNI927 75 17 1543.0 2700 90 120-277 Energy Star
ML9LA23LCNBNI927 ML9LA23LCNBNI927 125W Inc. 23 2075.0 2700 90 120-277 Energy Star
ML9LARBN23827/BP ML9LARBN23827/BP 100W Inc. 23 1891.0 2700 83 120 Energy Star
ML9LARBN23830 ML9LARBN23830 23 3000 80 Energy Star
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