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VaporProof Jelly Jars


LED Vaporproof Jelly Jars are designed to replace incandescent and CFL fixtures with high-quality, long-lasting illumination over doorways, scaffolding, construction sites, fire hydrants and emergency call stations. The lamps are IP66 rated against ingress of dust and pressurized water in harsh environments, and suitable for inverted mounting.

Constructed with a shortened polycarbonate lens that minimizes light loss, Jelly Jars may be mounted at heights lower than the short-lived fixtures they replace for easier maintenance.

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JJ12A150GC0 JJ12A150GC0 60W Inc. 12 720.0 5000 70 120
JJ12A150GW0 JJ12A150GW0 60W Inc. 12 705.0 5000 70 120
JJC12001 JJC12001 60W Inc. 9 705.0 3000 80 120
JJP12001 JJP12001 60W Inc. 9 705.0 3000 80 120
MLVPC14LED50CP MLVPC14LED50CP 100W Inc. 14 1125.0 5000 66 120-277
MLVPDLWG MLVPDLWG 100W Inc. 14 1125.0 5000 66 120-277
MLVPW14LED50CP MLVPW14LED50CP 100W Inc. 14 1120.0 5000 66 120-277
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