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Universal Commercial Downlight Fixtures


The Universal Downlight Fixture is an economical, all-in-one solution for adding recessed downlighting to hospitality, retail, office and other commercial lighting applications. The downlight is designed with an integral whip, which connects directly to a junction box (existing or independently mounted), and a universal driver that eliminates the need for a traditional recessed housing, saving installers time and money. Simply connect power to the light and use the incorporated spring mounting to place it into the ceiling - no can, bulb or extra labor required!

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RCF61330W RCF61330W 18W CFL 13 1286.0 3000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
RCF61340W RCF61340W 18W CFL 13 1353.0 4000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
RCF61830W RCF61830W 26W CFL 18 1721.0 3000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
RCF61840W RCF61840W 26W CFL 18 1855.0 4000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
RCF81330W RCF81330W 18W CFL 13 1375.0 3000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
RCF81340W RCF81340W 18W CFL 13 1456.0 4000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
RCF81830W RCF81830W 26W CFL 18 1880.0 3000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
RCF81840W RCF81840W 26W CFL 18 1956.0 4000 80 120-277 Energy_Star
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