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StaxMAX High Bay


StaxMAX is a unique and flexible lighting system that allows consumers to create custom distribution packages by mixing modules on a single fixture. Designed with three optical distributions and independently pivoting modules, the StaxMAX can be specified in one-, two- or three- 135-watt modules, or in a triple 180-watt module. Each of the three modules can have a narrow, medium or wide beam angle, allowing users to have all three optics in one luminaire. In total, the StaxMAX is capable of replacing metal halide fixtures rated up to 1500W. The fixture is available for mounting as a high bay, flood or roadway fixture. Models rated for use in hazardous locations (Class 1, Division II) are also available

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ELLF180DM50H ELLF180DM50H 400W MH 178 18000.0 5700 120-277 MEDIUM DLC
ELLF180DN50H ELLF180DN50H 400W MH 178 17120.0 5700 120-277 NARROW DLC
ELLF180DW50H ELLF180DW50H 400W MH 181 18970.0 5700 120-277 WIDE DLC
ELLF360DM50H ELLF360DM50H 750W PSMH 356 36000.0 5700 120-277 MEDIUM DLC
ELLF540DW50H ELLF540DW50H 1000W MH 543 56910.0 5700 120-277 WIDE DLC
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