Socket Source LED Light Engines


MaxLite's Socket Source™ is a unique, high CRI light engine solution that allows manufacturers to create LED-based multi-head bath bars, chandeliers and other decorative luminaires. Roughly equivalent to the light from a 40W incandescent lamp, the 7W AC LED module features Driver on Board (DOB) integration that delivers 500 lumens. The socket source is available in 2700K and 3000K color temperatures with superior color rendering of 90+ and triac dimming from 10-100 percent. A lens with a diffused finish transmits high lumens for minimal light loss and even illumination, while the light engine's heat sink is engineered with outer threads for easy installation.


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7.0 W7.0 W7.0 W7.0 W
500.0 lm500.0 lm500.0 lm500.0 lm
71.0 lm/W71.0 lm/W71.0 lm/W71.0 lm/W
2700 K2700 K3000 K3000 K
40W Inc.40W Inc.40W Inc.40W Inc.
4.03 "4.03 "4.03 "4.03 "
1.56 "1.56 "1.56 "1.56 "
50000 hours50000 hours50000 hours50000 hours