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Parking Garage Canopy Fixtures - CP Series


A replacement for traditional 150-watt to 250-watt metal halide canopy lights, the CP Series promotes safety and security in outdoor locations such as parking garages, walkways, entranceways, gas stations and drive-thrus.

DLC listed* for both parking and fuel pump canopy distributions, the CP Series delivers market-leading efficacy of up to 111 lumens per watt through a frosted, UV-resistant lens. The low-profile luminaire is both dimmable and available with photo and motion sensor controls for maximum energy savings. An internal battery backup option is also available. *25W are DLC 4.1 Premium, 40W and 55W are DLC 4.1 Standard.

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CP25AUTC50B CP25AUTC50B 150W MH 25 2795.0 5000 84 120-277 DLC_Premium
CP25AUTP50B CP25AUTP50B 150W MH 25 2630.0 5000 84 120-277 DLC_Premium
CP40AUTC50B CP40AUTC50B 175W MH 40 4290.0 5000 84 120-277 DLC
CP40AUTP50B CP40AUTP50B 175W MH 40 4015.0 5000 84 120-277 DLC
CP40AUTP50B400 CP40AUTP50B400 175W MH 40 4015.0 5000 84 120-277 DLC
CP55AUTC50B CP55AUTC50B 250W MH 55 5290.0 5000 84 120-277 DLC
CP55AUTP50B CP55AUTP50B 250W MH 55 4995.0 5000 84 120-277 DLC
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