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ModMax High Output High Bays


ModMax is a highly flexible, modular flood and sports lighting solution designed to replace metal halide fixtures from 400W - 1500W. ModMax is specifiable in two-row, 105W modules, with up to six modules configurable in a single luminaire. Each row of modules is customizable with one of three available optical distributions: narrow, medium or wide. Double pivot heads allow each row, and the luminaire?s carriage, to be independently aimed for precise lighting aim. ModMax is available in arch yoke and highbay mounting options.

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MM210HW50HDG MM210HW50HDG 400W MH 210 19555.0 5000 85 347-480
MM210UW50HDG MM210UW50HDG 400W 210 20200.0 5000 85 120-277
MM420UWW50HDG MM420UWW50HDG 1000W MH 420 38475.0 5000 85 120-277
MM630UWW50HDG MM630UWW50HDG 1500W MH 630 62260.0 5000 85 120-277
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