LED Lensed Retrofit Kit

The LED Lensed Retrofit Kit (LRK) installs into existing troffers without the need to enter the ceiling space, giving facility managers the quickest, most cost effective means of replacing outdated fluorescent lighting systems with the high efficiency and performance of LEDs.


LED Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kits

MaxLite's LED RKT Series Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit is an easy-to-install, economical upgrade to LED lighting in existing recessed troffers.


LED RKL Retrofit Kit Strips

MaxLite's LED RKL Retrofit Kit Strips are economy level replacements for fluorescent tubes in existing drop-in ceilings.


LED Flush Mount Retrofit

The MaxLite LED Flush Mount Retrofit Kit provides residential and commercial property managers a unique opportunity to upgrade to the latest LED technology while avoiding the inconvenience and costs with replacing unique existing ceiling fixtures.