ECO-T LED Recessed Troffer

Designed with the look of a traditional fluorescent fixture, the ECO-T™ LED Recessed Troffer offers a classic recessed troffer housing with LED strips that emulate fluorescent lamps, but operates with the energy saving and long life benefits of LED technology.


Micro-T Lay-In LED Panel

A sleek departure from standard lay-in ceiling panel designs, the Micro-T offers the high efficacy levels of a direct lit panel with the slim profile of an edge lit, providing customers with the best traits of each category at greater energy savings.


Direct Lit Flat Panels - Economical Series

Typically used to replace 2'x2' and 2'x4' fluorescent fixtures, the Direct
Lit LED Flat Panel Economical Series is designed to lay in drop ceilings
in offices, schools, and healthcare applications.


FlatMAX® Edge Lit LED Flat Panels

Designed for drop in ceilings, MaxLite's high performance FlatMAX® Edge Lit LED Flat Panels are the ideal energy-efficient replacements for fluorescent fixtures in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial and industrial applications that require a two inch or less installation depth.

ArcMAX Volumetric LED Panels

Designed as cost-effective replacements for traditional fluorescent troffers, the DLC-qualified ArcMAX™ Volumetric LED Panels are ideal for installation in T-bar grid or drop-in ceilings. The ArcMAX delivers excellent color rendering and smooth light output from ceiling to floor in offices, schools, hospitals, government buildings, retailers and other commercial settings.