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LED PL Retrofit Lamps - DirectFit


DirectFit PL Lamps are a plug-and-play replacement for CFL bulbs in downlights, sconces and other four-pin base fixtures commonly used in commercial buildings. The 13-watt LED lamps operate directly off of the existing ballast, allowing facility managers to reap the energy-saving benefits of LED technology in the most cost-effective way. Offered in two designs to suit horizontal or vertical mounting position, DirectFit PL Lamps plug right into the existing four-pin socket (G24q) without any extra labor or re-wiring, making the switch to more efficient lighting seamless. The lamps are available in three color temperatures to create beautiful, high-quality illumination for any indoor commercial environment, including hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals and universities.

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11PLG24QHLED35 11PLG24QHLED35 26W CFL 11 1000.0 3500 120-277 G24q, GX24
11PLG24QHLED40 11PLG24QHLED40 26W CFL 11 1050.0 4000 120-277 G24q, GX24
11PLG24QVLED35 11PLG24QVLED35 26W CFL 11 1000.0 3500 120-277 G24q, GX24
11PLG24QVLED40 11PLG24QVLED40 26W CFL 11 1050.0 120-277 G24q, GX24
12PLG24QHLED27 12PLG24QHLED27 26W CFL 12 900.0 2700 120-277 G24q, GX24 DLC
12PLG24QHLED40 12PLG24QHLED40 26W CFL 12 1000.0 4000 120-277 G24q, GX24 DLC
12PLG24QVLED27 12PLG24QVLED27 26W CFL 12 900.0 2700 120-277 G24q, GX24 DLC
13PLG24QHLED27 13PLG24QHLED27 26W CFL 13 850.0 2700 120-277 G24q
13PLG24QHLED35/G2 13PLG24QHLED35/G2 26W CFL 13 1000.0 3500 120-277 G24q
13PLG24QHLED41 13PLG24QHLED41 26W CFL 13 900.0 4100 G24q
13PLG24QVLED27/G2 13PLG24QVLED27/G2 26W CFL 13 1000.0 2700 120-277 G24q
13PLG24QVLED35 13PLG24QVLED35 26W CFL 13 900.0 3500 120-277 G24q
13PLG24QVLED40/G2 13PLG24QVLED40/G2 26W CFL 13 1000.0 4000 120-277 G24q
13PLG24QVLED41 13PLG24QVLED41 26W CFL 13 900.0 4100 120-277 G24q
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