LED Omnidirectional A19 Lamp


MaxLite's LED Omni A19 lamp is the most versatile light source in the market. It replicates a true A19 incandescent replacement lamp with a 300-degree beam angle that produces even light from the socket base and above in all directions.The seven-, 10- and 15-watt lamps replace a 40-, 60- and 75-watt incandescent bulbs respectively, resulting in up to 85 percent savings in energy throughout the long life. The lamps are offered in standard medium bases, which enable easy screw-in installation into existing table and floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, sconces, pendants and decorative chandeliers in residential and commercial applications; a GU24 base is also available.

The 10-watt model was the first GU24 LED A19 lamp on the ENERGY STAR® Certified Subcomponent Database (CSD). This milestone makes it much easier and quicker for lighting fixture manufacturers to launch ENERGY STAR-qualified LED lighting fixtures into the marketplace.


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Environmentally friendly

RoHS-compliant and constructed without mercury, and operates with reduced heat and without emitting radiation that reduces HVAC costs

Maximized lumen maintenance

Lumen maintenance is maximized by using a multi-layer tapered solid aluminum heat sink, which promotes heat dissipation

Uniform color consistency

Engineered with proprietary binned LED chips that are matched for color

25,000-hour life

25,000-hour life is 12 years operating 8 hours a day, based on L70 standards