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LED Linear T5 - Internal Driver


MaxLite LED T5 Linear Replacement lamps are the ideal energy saving choices when upgrading traditional linear T5 fluorescent lamps in fixtures containing standard G5 (mini bi-pin) sockets. The LED T5 lamps are designed to provide appropriate light levels while utilizing a dedicated internal driver and require non-shunted G5 mini bi-pin lamp holders. Tested to NSF Standards, these lamps carry the ETL Sanitation Mark and are suitable for use in an environment where food intended for human consumption is produced.

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L12T5SE235-CG L12T5SE235-CG 24W T5HO 12 1400.0 3500 120-277 G5
L12T5SE240-CG L12T5SE240-CG 24W T5HO 12 1450.0 4000 120-277 G5
L12T5SE250-CG L12T5SE250-CG 24W T5HO 12 1500.0 5000 120-277 G5
L13T5SE435-CG L13T5SE435-CG 28W T5HE 13 1600.0 3500 120-277 G5 DLC
L13T5SE440-CG L13T5SE440-CG 28W T5HE 13 1650.0 4000 120-277 G5 DLC
L13T5SE450-CG L13T5SE450-CG 28W T5HE 13 1700.0 5000 120-277 G5 DLC
L16T5SE335-CG L16T5SE335-CG 39W T5HO 16 1800.0 3500 120-277 G5
L16T5SE340-CG L16T5SE340-CG 39W T5HO 16 1850.0 4000 120-277 G5
L16T5SE350-CG L16T5SE350-CG 39W T5HO 16 1900.0 5000 120-277 G5
L25T5SE435-CG L25T5SE435-CG 54W T5HO 25 3200.0 3500 120-277V G5 DLC
L25T5SE440-CG L25T5SE440-CG 54W T5HO 25 3300.0 4000 120-277V G5 DLC
L25T5SE450-CG L25T5SE450-CG 54W T5HO 25 3400.0 5000 120-277V G5 DLC
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