LED Garage and Canopy Fixtures - CP Series

A replacement for traditional 150-watt to 250-watt metal halide canopy lights, the CP Series promotes safety and security in outdoor locations such as parking garages, walkways, entranceways, gas stations and drive-thrus.


LED Low-Profile Canopy

Quick to install and pay for itself, the LED Low-Profile Canopy is an economical retrofit solution for 150-250W HID garage and canopy luminaires.


LED Parking Garage Polygon Linear Fixtures

Offering an upscale appearance at a performance price, the Polygon with parking optics is an energy-efficient lighting solution for parking structures that require a sleek design.


LED Parking Garage Canopy Fixtures

Developed as energy-efficient lighting solutions that bolster uncompromising safety and security in parking garages, the DLC-qualified LED Parking Garage Canopy Fixtures replace 175- to 250-watt metal halide fixtures, utilizing 40- and 70-watts.


LED Canopy Fixtures

The energy-efficient LED Ceiling Canopy fixtures promote uncompromising safety and security in outdoor commercial and industrial environments.


QuadroMAX LED Canopy Fixture

The first universal and scalable luminaire by MaxLite, QuadroMAX® offers multiple lumen packages, optics and mounting options to meet any outdoor lighting need, including parking garages and entryways.


DiscMAX LED Canopy

A sleek and contemporary canopy fixture, DiscMAX delivers smooth and uniform lighting for parking garage, security and general area lighting.


LED Parking Garage Square Canopy

Energy efficient and long lasting, the LED Parking Garage Square Canopy is the smart choice for commercial and municipal garage applications.


LED Parking Garage Vapor Tight Fixtures

Designed for high performance in the harshest environments, Vapor Tight fixtures feature a shatterproof, watertight housing that protects the light source from the effects of weather, dirt and vandalism.


LED Recessed Canopy Fixtures

Integrating high-performance optics and durability into a slim profile, LED Recessed Canopy Fixtures provide a sleek upgrade to energy-efficient lighting for fuel stations, convenience stores, banks and other drive-through locations.