70 to 140 Watt LED Large Floods

Designed as efficient, energy-saving replacements for metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures, the line of MaxLED Flood Lights have a long life of 100,000 hours and operate on universal volt electrical systems.


15 to 45 Watt LED Small Floods

Designed to deliver high efficacy and reduced wattages similar to wide beam models, Small LED Flood Lights create bright, shadow-free security and spot lighting for a variety of outdoor applications, including facades, landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes, and hospitality.


135 to 540 Watt StaxMAX LED Flood Lights

Ideal for car dealerships, youth sports parks, golf driving ranges, facades and general area illumination, the StaxMAX™ LED Flood Lights are unique and flexible systems, comprised of self-contained modular elements, representing variability in both lumen output and optics capabilities.


LED Bullet Flood Lights

LED Bullet Flood Lights provide energy-efficient, directional lighting for landscape, facade and outdoor signage. Bullets can be surface mounted directly to electrical boxes or posts and feature a locking swivel arm for angle adjustment.


QuadroMAX LED Flood Light Fixtures

The first universal and scalable luminaire by MaxLite, QuadroMAX® offers multiple lumen packages, optics and mounting options to meet any outdoor lighting need, including landscape and facade lighting.